Batumi in Top10 investment european cities by Forbes Japan

Forbes Japan has named Batumi, Georgia, as one of the top 10 European cities for investment. This recognition highlights Batumi's potential as a prime destination for entrepreneurs and investors alike.
The article highlights Batumi's major attractions, including a liberalized economy, low taxes, and affordable real estate prices. These features make Batumi an ideal location for those looking to start a business and invest in tourism or real estate.
Batumi offers a strategic position and a welcoming environment for business ventures. The city's tax structure is particularly appealing, with a corporate tax rate of just 15% and property taxes ranging from 0.2-1% of the property's market value. Both individuals and corporations benefit from these low rates. Additionally, Batumi boasts a low cost of living and one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, ensuring a high quality of life for residents and a secure environment for businesses to thrive, remarks Forbes Japan.