Real Estate Trends in Georgia

Investing in real estate is a proven strategy for building capital and a solid future. In recent years, Georgia has seen a high demand for real estate, which is due to various factors, including a favorable geographical, tax and legal environment, a growing tourism sector and infrastructure development.
According to the research conducted by Galt & Taggart on the real estate market, 68% of the money invested in Georgian real estate is due to personal needs. One of the reasons for this is the high migration rate and the country's strategic location with potential for business expansion and international trade. It is also worth noting that it takes 15 minutes to register a property in the public registry, the real estate tax is 0%, and the income tax is -5%. Investors seeking residency need only invest $100,000 in real estate. Therefore, more and more foreigners choose Georgia as their permanent residence, which in itself increases the demand for living space.
The remaining 32% is allocated to investment property, which once again emphasizes the relevance of tourism in Georgia - according to the 2023 report of the National Tourism Administration, the income received by Georgia from international tourism amounted to a record $4.1 billion.

The country's climate and rich natural resources also play a crucial role in the growing demand of the real estate industry. Each region of Georgia has its own unique characteristics, mountains or sea, which provide many opportunities for real estate business development.