Ancient history, light and dynamic architecture, sunny seaside, and boulevard, along with the Batumi Botanical Garden, delicious Adjarian cuisine, and many entertaining places, including cultural and leisure destinations, make this city incredible and attract many visitors. It is very popular not only across the republic but also throughout the region.


Batumi was founded in 1866 as a small fishing village, and over time it grew into a bustling port city.
Population 180,000 people
Today, Batumi has over 180,000 inhabitants and is one of the largest cities in Georgia.
The growth of the tourist flow ensures a high load of hotel rooms.

Types of turism

What makes Georgia an appealing investment destination?
Sea tourism
What does a coastal region remind you of in the first place? There’s no need to argue that seaside resorts are what comes to your mind first – with good infrastructure and with endless opportunities for leisure as well as for entertainment. Adjara seaside is with the subtropical climate, 21-kilometer long coastline, the warm sea of 21-29 Celsius on average, comfortable atmosphere and distinctive nature. Besides leisure, Batumi resort has solar therapy and sea-salt baths to offer. The city is permeated with the scent of the sea, acacia, and magnolias. Even in the coldest month of the year – January, the temperature doesn’t go lower than +7-10 degrees which is why you may visit Batumi at any time of the year.
Culture tourism
With its diverse historic-cultural monuments, festivals and cultural events, Batumi is a real discovery for cultural tourism lovers. Batumi represents the cultural epicenter of the region. It hosts various cultural, sport and scientific events, folk holidays, international music and film festivals. For the last 10 years Batumi was visited by world scale stars like Jamiroquai, Macy Gray, Prodigy, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill, Joe stone, De La Soul, Maroon 5, String, Erykah Badu and many others.
Eco tourism
Resident or migratory bird watching, observing terraces of humid subtropical forests, walking on sand dunes, swimming on a motorboat, visiting sphagnum swamps, ziplining, hiking to breathtakingly beautiful lakes, sightseeing of cultural monuments, monasteries and arch bridges, hiking or riding a horse to the extraordinary villages of Adjara – This is only a small list of ecotourism activities that Adjara protected territories offer.
Gastro tourism
Food tourism in Georgia is a feast of national and regional specialties reflective of the country's dramatic history along the Great Silk Road.
MICE tourism
Numerous international, quality events that are regularly held in Adjara, has earned the region a leading place on the transnational market of MICE. Modern and well-equipped infrastructure, delicious local and Asian cuisine, world-class services, the charming environment is all that determine the development of this specific type of tourism in Adjara.
Ski Tourism
A range of options is available for skiing enthusiasts in Adjara. At an altitude of 2000 – 2500, the climate is humid here, winter relatively cold and long while summer is short and cool. In the highlands of Adjara construction of ski resorts are undergoing intensively. They are not only suitable for winter sports aficionados but offer healthcare and recreational conditions on all seasons of the year. Ski resort ‘Goderdzi’, located 2350m above sea level, has already been opened, receiving over 20 000 guests per year.

history of batumi

Batumi, known as the maritime gate of Georgia, serves as a major international harbor on the southeastern coast of the Black Sea. It stands as an important industrial, cultural, and tourist center.

Early mentions of Batumi appear in the works of the fourth-century B.C. Greek philosopher Aristotle, who referred to the city of Kolkheti on the Black Sea coast as 'Batus'. The term 'Bathus', a Greek word meaning 'deep'; indeed, Batumi has one of the deepest and most convenient harbors.

In autumn 2022, Batumi was declared the winner in the category 'The Fastest Growing Tourist Destination in Europe', receiving the prestigious World Travel Award.

In 2024, Batumi has been recognized as one of the top five European destinations, underscoring its rising appeal and significance in the tourism sector.
35 Awesome Things to Do in Batumi, Georgia: The Ultimate Batumi Guide
Batumi Botanical Garden


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