A BTN exclusive with ANI OTSKHELI Deputy CMO Next

Ani Otskheli, with a rich experience spanning eight years in hospitality marketing and public relations, currently serves as the Deputy CMO at NEXT. She’s known for her leadership skills and has achieved significant milestones in her 8-year career. Her background has afforded her a profound understanding of the solutions for unique challenges and opportunities within the hospitality sector, including marketing, public relations planning, and brand positioning.

BTN caught up with her prior to her attending the forthcoming FHS event in Abu Dhabi.

BTN: What are your / your organization’s core areas of focus when it comes to investment? I.e in the areas of innovation, sustainability, human capital and/or technology?

AO: Next’s mission orbits around transforming landscapes and redefining luxury in the real estate arena. Here’s a deeper look into our investment directives:

Innovation: With endeavors like our 5-star branded residences in Georgia, we constantly spotlight our dedication to pioneering innovative real estate paradigms in emerging markets.

Sustainability: Our foundational approach is to immerse our ventures harmoniously within their locales. We aim to uplift the local infrastructure while emphasizing sustainable tourism, ensuring we have a lasting, positive impact.

Human Capital: Collaboration is the linchpin of our success. We already boast strong affiliations with global giants like Radisson Blu Residences & Wyndham Residences. By teaming up with such illustrious brands, we not only tap into their vast reservoirs of expertise but also ensure our projects embody the highest standards known to the industry. We continue to scout for partnerships that can amplify our vision and mirror our dedication to excellence.

Technology: As we set our compass towards destinations like Dubai Island, harnessing state-of-the-art technology to augment the living experience remains pivotal in our blueprint.


Deputy CMO Next

BTN: What is your outlook for the hospitality industry in the Middle East in 2023 and beyond?

AO : The Middle East, especially Dubai, is well-known for its luxury and top-tier hospitality. With the region’s growing global appeal and ambitious projects, I see the Middle East strengthening its position as a major hub for luxury travel and prime real estate. To succeed in this competitive market, brands need to keep updating themselves to meet rising demands. Those that blend local culture with international standards, offer unique experiences, and focus on sustainability will likely lead the hospitality industry in the region.

BTN: What does your panel/presentation/workshop at FHS focus on and what will delegates glean from your session?

AO: At FHS, we’ll be sharing Next’s journey from starting our branded residences in Georgia to our big plans for Dubai Island. Attendees will learn about the opportunities of introducing a new real estate idea to new areas, the impact of branded residences, and how teamwork and innovation play a role in our success. Through our experiences, we aim to inspire and provide practical insights to our professional colleagues.

BTN: What are you personally most eager about in your attendance at FHS 2023?

AO: I’m really looking forward to FHS 2023 because of the variety of experiences that will be presented. With experts from different parts of the industry coming together, the event promises exciting discussions and a mix of views. Sharing knowledge is key to growth, and I’m eager to hear the fresh insights and forward-looking ideas that FHS 2023 will bring. Besides, I want to tell you that all FHS members will have a chance to observe how we are evolving our brand NEXT each year, and I am sure that summit networking will also boost our potential in the UAE.

The Future Hospitality Summit is being held on 25-27 September 2023 at the Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island for more info visit


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