NEXT Recognized as Top Luxury Real Estate Developer in Georgia

NEXT, the leading investment-development company based in Georgia, operating internationally, has been selected as a winner of a Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2023, taking home an award in the category for Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Georgia. NEXT has made outstanding contributions to the luxury real estate industry, always keeping the needs of their clients and partners top of mind.

Founded by Kakha Devadze, NEXT has quickly become a frontrunner in the real estate sector. The company’s innovative approach and dedication to quality have set it apart in the competitive world of luxury real estate development.

One of the key highlights of NEXT’s success is its partnership with renowned hotel brands Radisson Blu and Wyndham. As the only real estate developer based in Georgia offering 5-star branded residences in collaboration with these global hospitality giants, NEXT has redefined luxury living in the region. NEXT offers co-investment and hotel room ownership opportunities within Radisson Blu and Wyndham properties, providing customers with an exclusive chance to be part of these prestigious brands.

NEXT has also played a pivotal role in transforming the Black Sea coast in Batumi Gonio into a sought-after destination for tourists and investors worldwide. The company’s premium infrastructure and world-class hospitality services have significantly elevated the profile of this picturesque location.

Beyond branded residences, NEXT specializes in developing and managing luxury resorts, apart-hotels, villas, and business apartments. The Next Collection, a luxurious resort with an all-in-one concept situated on the first coastline adjacent to Batumi Botanical Garden, has notably increased demand for the location.

With ten large-scale hospitality projects comprising a total of 3,900 hotel rooms, NEXT has propelled Batumi’s real estate and hospitality industry to new heights, demonstrating its expertise in hospitality development.

Excitingly, NEXT is on the verge of making history as the first Georgian developer to launch a project on Dubai’s first coastline, in collaboration with Nakheel, and participate in the development of a new artificial island.

“Innovative and high-quality hospitality projects that meet the needs and expectations of our clients are at the heart of NEXT’s success,” says Kakha Devadze. “We believe that our buildings should not only be functional and efficient but also visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing.”

Sustainability is a core value for NEXT, with a strong emphasis on minimizing waste during construction. The company utilizes materials wisely and incorporates environmentally friendly features such as energy-efficient lighting fixtures, motion sensors, and water conservation measures.

NEXT’s extensive portfolio encompasses 5-star Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Apart-hotels, Branded Residences, Villas, and Business Apartments. To partner with NEXT today, visit


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